Equilibria Finance’ resource hub provides home buyer and investor guides, resources and videos with practical tips and information on what you need to know if your purchasing a home, refinancing an existing facility or investing in property.


Home Buyers Guide - PDF

Buying a home may well be the most expensive and important purchase that you will ever make. And key to making a successful purchase is thorough research, planning and some patience! This guide is designed to provide an outline of key considerations and what to prepare for.

Its my home magazine 23/24 - PDF

It’s my home is a free educational and lifestyle resource aiming to empower home buyers and owners at all stages of their home ownership journey. Whether the goal is saving a deposit, buying their first home, investing, refinancing or upgrading, our magazine articles can help navigate the complexities of the process. In this edition you will find valuable resources, tools and checklists, designed to simplify the home buying process and make it easier to navigate every step of the home ownership journey.

Property Buying Journey - PDF

This guide provides an overview of the process, costs and what to watch out for at every stage of the property buying journey.

Getting yourself prepared when seeking finance - Video

Cameron Porter from Porters House and Anthony Landahl from Equilibria Finance provide some east to apply tips for getting your house in order in readiness to seeking finance

First Home Buyers - Practical easy-to-apply advice for obtaining your loan - Video

With an increase in first home buyer activity, Cameron Porter from Porters House and Anthony Landahl from Equilibria Finance discuss some of the ways first home buyers can access finance and provide some practical tips in readiness to obtain their home loan.

Building wealth through property: Considerations for property investors - Video

For property investors, getting the strategy right and understanding the key considerations to navigate is critical. In this video Managing Director, Credit Advisor and Mortgage Broker at Equilibria Finance - Anthony Landahl discusses key considerations in building wealth through property.

First Home Buyers: 3 Biggest Challenges and Case Study - Video

Equilibria Finance works closely with First Home Buyers in helping them secure the finance for their first home. In this video we look at the 3 biggest challenges they face, how we help them work through these and a recent case study.

Borrowing withing your means - PDF

While your lender will give you a maximum borrowing amount, it’s essential that you determine your own borrowing capacity when searching for your new home.

How interest rates affect your mortgage - PDF

While rates may move up and down - borrowers should always consider the impact that will have on their mortgage and what they can do about it.

Understanding the steps involved in purchasing a home - PDF

A simple step by step guide to purchasing a new home from understanding your goals and financial situation through to sentiment.

Refinancing - reasons why and what to consider - Video

Equilibria Finance' Mortgage Brokers Adrian Bourke and Anthony Landahl discuss the main reasons they see clients refinance their existing home loans and key considerations when doing so.

Putting your best foot forward when applying for a home loan - Video

Equilibria Finance Mortgage Broker and Credit Advisor Adrian Bourke provides some practical tips on putting your best foot forward when applying for home loan.

Four questions every property buyer should ask their real estate agent - Video

Finding the right property involves time and research, so you will need to ask the right questions to ensure you are making a competitive offer on a property that meets your long-term needs. In this video Equilibria Finance Managing Director Anthony Landahl outlines four questions you should always ask before you close the deal.

Negotiating with agents - PDF

A 1 page tip sheet on working with real estate agents when transacting your property.

Ready to make a move - your checklist for being home owner ready - PDF

A 1 page checklist outlining what you need to get in place to be home owner ready.

How to invest in property using the equity in your home - PDF

This guide looks at how existing home owners may be able to unlock equity – or the increased value – that’s built up in their own home to cover some or even all of the down payment on an investment property.

Securing finance if your self employed - Video

This video assists the self employed with putting themselves in the best position to secure finance for their new home or investment property. Equilibria Finance, Managing Director Anthony Landahl discusses how to secure a mortgage if your self employed.

What to know for a hassle-free settlement day - Video

If you are buying or selling a property, the settlement period is when you will deal with finances and paperwork to legally transfer ownership of the property. In this video, Equilibria Finance Managing Director Anthony Landahl discusses what is involved is key to a smooth settlement. Here we guide you through it.

A simple guide to small business finance - Video

At some point through the business cycles most small businesses require finance for working capital and cash flow requirements, asset management, purchasing premises or growth strategies. Here Equilibria Finance Managing Director, Anthony Landahl discusses the pros and cons of some of the most popular options.

Understanding debt- efficient versues inefficient debt - PDF

This guide gives an overview of the foundation of using debt effectively- understanding there are 2 types of debt; efficient and inefficient debt

Understanding gearing - PDF

Gearing simply means borrowing money to invest. This guide looks at using property as a gearing facility

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