How we help individuals and families.

We listen to our clients to understand their specific circumstances, needs and objectives. From this foundation, we deliver lending solutions that are in keeping with their financial profile and plans.




We recognise that each stage of life presents its own unique financial challenges, that everyone’s values, aspirations, goals, objectives and financial profile and plans are different and that needs and circumstances change throughout life’s transitions.

That is why the foundation of our lending solutions is understanding you.

This enables us to put in place the right home loan structure for our clients with competitive rates and appropriate features. Having the right structure and product in place can assist with cash flow management, in reducing your debt as quickly as possible, and potentially save on interest and/ or tax over the life of the loan.




Tailoring your loan portfolio is as important as any other aspect of your financial life and our approach is reflective of this. It engages you, keeps you informed, and is designed to assist you from the initial discovery meeting to settlement and throughout the life of the loan or credit facility in place.


  • The ‘discovery ‘meeting focuses on understanding you – your goals, aspirations, objectives, financial profile and plans and what you want to achieve.It is also an opportunity for you to understand how we work, and the process involved in obtaining your loan., as well as asking any questions you may have.


  • Based on the information obtained in the discovery meeting we build our recommendations.We then organise to present and discuss these recommendations with you and answer any questions you have. This will include appropriate loan structures, product rates, terms and features as well as any important information you need to be aware of.


  • Once the recommended solution is agreed upon, we manage and facilitate the process.This will include the loan application preparation and submission, documentation handling and requests, the approval process and through to settlement.We keep you informed and answer your questions at each progressive stage.


  • Life is dynamic – needs and circumstances change.As such we will be there for the life of the loan to ensure the structure and features remain appropriate and the rates competitive, as well as for your future financing needs.


Residential Home Loans – First home buyers and owner occupiers

When it comes to mortgages, one size definitely does not fit all - so having a solution in place from the outset that accounts for your individual profile can potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest repayments; be tax effective; assist in cashflow management; and deliver an enhanced longer term outcome for you. We manage and facilitate the process, providing advice and support through planning, budgeting and paperwork!

Refinancing loans

Life is dynamic –people’s needs and circumstances change, and so does the market environment. Effective refinancing and restructuring can lead to securing a more appropriate structure, better terms (fees, security, loan term, repayments, flexibility) and features and a more competitive rate to reduce monthly commitments. We seek to understand your objectives and existing home or investment loan structure. We will then discuss the options with you, provide a tailored solution and guide you through the transition.

Investment loans – residential and commercial property

Property investment can form a central component of your wealth accumulation strategy. Effective property investment can mean capital growth, rental income, the use of a negative gearing strategy and a place for a business owner to operate out of. Residential investment loans and commercial loans are structured in several different ways and we will work with you to find the right investment property loan structure to suit your objectives, and guide you through the process, planning, budgeting and paperwork.

Self-Managed Super Fund loans

Investing in property with self-managed superannuation funds can potentially be a tax effective way to purchase residential investment property as a part of wealth accumulation and retirement funding strategy. We will help navigate you through the SMSF property investment environment so you understand restrictions on the type of property that can be purchased and how lending qualification criteria, fees and charges can vary.

Construction and renovating loans

Whether you are new to the property market, building a new house for a growing family or expanding and renovating an existing one, you will no doubt be faced with excited anticipation and a number of challenges! The challenges of constructing a new home or a major renovation can be quite different from purchasing property. That is why we take the time to understand your requirements and work with you and our panel of lending providers to find the right construction loan designed around your financial, budgeting and cashflow requirements and your project and construction milestones.

Bridging loans

Managing the transition from one home to the next can often mean you find your new home before you have sold your existing home. When this situation arises, you may need some finance to help you afford owning two properties at once. Bridging finance allows you to use the existing equity in your current home, before selling it, to secure your next home. However, bridging loans have some strict criteria around loan terms and repayments and not everyone qualifies, so we will discuss this with you, find the appropriate solution and help you navigate through the transition into your new home.

Family pledge loans

Entering the property market can be expensive. Family pledge loans are predominately used by parents to assist their children with their deposit to purchase a home. The parents provide a limited guarantee to the lender on behalf of the family member - without actually providing the cash for a deposit. It reduces your loan to value ratio meaning a saving on lenders mortgage insurance. We assist our clients and their family members in understanding how to structure a family pledge loan, taking all parties into account, and facilitating the process start to finish.

Debt consolidation loans

Debt consolidation can assist clients in simplifying their lending structure and debts into one consolidated facility, at the same time often enabling them to pay off a credit card or personal loan with the equity in their home. Key to debt consolidation is our process of understanding your financial situation and objectives back to front so that we can put in place the right long term loan structure to manage your finances and ensure it is a sustainable solution.

Business and self-employed loans secured by residential property

Business loans secured by residential property can be a cheaper form of financing for business owners and the self-employed who require funding for business development and expansion or to consolidate debt. We assist the business owner by understanding their needs, navigating the lending environment and working with our panel of business lenders to obtain the right solution for their business and family. Our full range of business financing options is in our business finance section.


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