Free comprehensive home buyer guides and property buyer guides providing practical tips and information on what you need to know if your purchasing a home, refinancing an existing facility or investing in property.

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Equilibria Finance Brochure

Our brochure provides you with an overview of our approach and our offering

Home Buyers Guide

Buying a home may well be the most expensive and important purchase that you will ever make. And key to making a successful purchase is thorough research, planning and some patience! This guide is designed to provide an outline of key considerations and what to prepare for.

Property Buying Journey

This guide provides an overview of the process, costs and what to watch out for at every stage of the property buying journey.

QBE Housing Outlook 2017 - 2020 report

2017 is the 16th year QBE LMI has partnered with BIS Oxford Economics to present the QBE Australian Housing Outlook. It includes state and territory analysis and forecasts of house and unit prices for the next three years.

Borrowing withing your means

While your lender will give you a maximum borrowing amount, it’s essential that you determine your own borrowing capacity when searching for your new home.

How interest rates affect your mortgage

While rates may move up and down - borrowers should always consider the impact that will have on their mortgage and what they can do about it.

Understanding the steps involved in purchasing a home

A simple step by step guide to purchasing a new home from understanding your goals and financial situation through to sentiment.

Negotiating with agents

A 1 page tip sheet on working with real estate agents when transacting your property.

Ready to make a move - your checklist for being home owner ready

A 1 page checklist outlining what you need to get in place to be home owner ready.

How to invest in property using the equity in your home

This guide looks at how existing home owners may be able to unlock equity – or the increased value – that’s built up in their own home to cover some or even all of the down payment on an investment property.

Understanding debt- efficient versues inefficient debt

This guide gives an overview of the foundation of using debt effectively- understanding there are 2 types of debt; efficient and inefficient debt

Understanding gearing

Gearing simply means borrowing money to invest. This guide looks at using property as a gearing facility

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